Suction cup
Suction cup
Suction cup
Suction cup


Suction cup

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Product Description

1. Easy removal phones, tablets, MP3, MP4 and so on;
2. The multi-color optional random mix;
3. The production of high-quality plastic, feel good, long life;
4. The direct manual draw, draw the screen on the lens and small products is particularly convenient, simple operation, protection devices, the work is a good helper;
5. Maintenance dismantling large-screen phone, imitation dead broke touch screen, LCD screen;
6. rubber chassis selection of high density, high wear-resistant, non-polluting, environmentally friendly materials, has very good suction;


Color: red/yellow
Net weight: 55 g / 1.9 oz
Diameter: 55mm
Compatibility:for iPhone/iPad/Samsung/Sony/BlackBerry/HTC/Nokia...etc