Desoldering Wire
Desoldering Wire
Desoldering Wire


Desoldering Wire

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1. Place the desoldering wick over the solder to be removed, then push the heated soldering iron tip onto the desoldering wick. The solder will be absorbed.
2. Remove the desoldering wick after the solder has been absorbed.
3. Cut off the used section of the wick using nippers.
4. Repeat steps 1 2 and 3 if the solder is not removed completely. Absorbability may differ depending on the type of solder. Sn63 Percent and 60 Percent (tin content) have good absorbability.


1.High quality alloy copper wire from the precision weaving.
2.For the removal of tin in the exceess solder, resistance to oxidation and corrosion.
3.Thermal conductivity, tin effect is very good, tin suction clean、Low residu.
4.Suitable for precision circuit using.
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